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Songs of the Cherubim

Call us, green islands

Beckon us, but once heart

Hears, it’s as if

We’ve been orphaned, lost


To that grey rock and

Lucid wave, shadowy with

Saffron fish,


Where great turtles clamber

Down beaches and are

Sure of tomorrow.

                          (Everworlds, 2011)

Translator, cultural interpreter, dramatist, but, supremely, poet, he was blessed with originality in all he did.’   

                                                                                                               (M Wynn Thomas, 2013)   


 ...his large body of poetry is extremely various. It is a witty poetry, crafted in many different forms, drawing on a large vocabulary, scientific as well as social and religious, playful and at times, as in ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Hoover’, funny.

                                                                                                                (Jeremy Hooker 2013)

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