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'Poetry is not essentially literature. Like most of the creative arts it originates from dancing. It is a dance of the vocal chords and the mouth, which only really comes alive when you hear it and see it.'  Tony Conran, 2010 

The Conran Poetry Chorus came together in 2009-10 to work with Tony Conran to create vibrant, multi-faceted performances of his works. Using recitation, song, musicianship, choral speaking, dialogue and more, their performances are no ordinary readings. Always, the intrinsic meaning of the poem leads, and the vitality of language and image is vividly and expressively brought to life.


The Conran Chorus continues to promote and explore Tony Conran’s legacy, directed by Lesley Conran, his wife and collaborator, a teacher of English and Welsh, folk-singer, vocal and instrumental performer, and community development practitioner.

Previous Performances have included:



Cofio Tony Conran Remembered, Gwyl Arall/Another Festival, Caernarfon, July 2015, with PEN Cymru.

A celebration of Tony Conran’s poetry including his Gift Poems, Castles, What Brings You Here so Late and tributes by Menna Elfyn and Tony Brown.



RS Thomas Literary FestivalEglwys Fach, September 2013.

Including Fabrics, Gift Poems and The Great RS is Dead.



International Poetry Festival, Bangor, October 2012. 

'The Good Thief-Translations and Welsh Poems. 

Tony and Lesley Conran reading in the 1980s

 ‘A scintillating, vivid and moving performance.’

Sally Baker, PEN Cymru 2015

Core Members of Corws Cerddi Conran Poetry Chorus include:

Sheila Brook: Vocalist, songwriter and

                           musician with a love of

                           poetry and performance.








Pauline DownVocalist, choir leader, arts

                              practitioner and

                              experienced performer.






John Griffiths: Literature teacher, musian

                              and vocal performer.






Gwilym Morus-BairdMusician, songwriter,

                                          poet and vocalist.







Dyfan RobertsCelebrated stage, TV

                               and film actor. Vocalist.

                               Founder member of Theatr

                               Bara Caws.






Sioned WebbMulti-instrumentalist and

                            composer (harp, keyboards

                            etc). Music teacher. 




Guest performers collaborate on individual performances.

For information about the next performances by the Conran Poetry Chorus click here.


To enquire about arranging a performance please fill in and send the contact form


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